Master Bath Overhaul Begins

Master Bath Overhaul Begins

Because it was going to cost $1000 to replace the pipes in our shower to repair them (Or we could just let it continue raining into the garage.), we chose to save up for a bathroom remodel to fully solve the problems.

Today was the day Wonderful Weston began.


I tried to see if I could “paint” the grout in some sort of DIY daydream I had.


Good-bye “espresso-colored” cabinets.

Good-bye counter of collections.

I actually liked the sink. I thought of it as a retro-train-station-type sink.

Good-bye Pepto Bismol pink tile peeking through like chicken pox.

Good-bye shower of cat litter.

Good-bye shower ceiling we could never stop from getting icky.

We’ve got a dumpster parked right below l our bedroom window.

Dumpster delivery

Weston only has to walk about twenty feet to toss out the old bathroom. We’re saving what we can, which isn’t much.

Having arrived before 6:30 a.m., he’s made great progress today.

He wisely left us a toilet, but I’m assuming that sink above is no longer to be used.

We had a hilarious family meeting last night to discuss when and if a person could ask to use the toilet when someone was taking a shower in the kids’ bathroom.

Weston has saved us from having to answer that question right away.

He said it will take about three weeks for the whole process.

Since we’ve been without a shower for over a year, three weeks is a piece of cake.