Kelly Is Cool!

Kelly Is Cool!

Thanks to Kelly’s job, she gets to do some really cool things.

In recent opportunities she has gotten to witness births in her role escorting the reporters and photographers who were there for stories.

She was there to witness this birth and we all thought this study and the vision fantastic: Doctors Test Bacterial Smear After Cesarean Sections To Bolster Babies’ Microbiomes

Monkey was our one child born via c-section, and though I know our decision was medically solid (She was a footling breech.), I’ve still felt a tiny bit of guilt as she is our child with lung issues and I’ve sometimes wondered if the c-section is what caused these long-term impacts. It thrills me no end to know that there is recognition of the unrecognized impacts of a c-section.

And I love hearing from Kel when she has had the joyful experience of seeing a new life brought forth. The world can be a harsh place, but a birth feels like such hope for future.

Babies are already covered in lots of “stuff,” what’s a little more for long-term benefit.

Our own little red right after they popped her head out.

Still find it magical after all these years.