Your Jesus Reward Card Is Full

Your Jesus Reward Card Is Full

When Monkey and Yessa were in Girl Scouts they had a self-defense class led by two local police officers.

They came out of the class a little incensed.

The officers had talked to them completely about “stranger danger,” and Monkey was livid that they hadn’t been honest that someone known to your family was actually much more likely to attempt inappropriate contact. Monkey felt they should have made clear that talking to your parents or trusted adult about a family friend’s behavior was also okay.

And they were both gob-smacked when the officer assured the girls that, “if you have to hit someone to get away from them, Jesus will forgive you.”

Thinking that people would need to be reassured that Jesus will still love you if you protect yourself from harm seems like a no-brainer to us.

When my mom let us know that she had taken a self-defense class and she was looking forward to practicing her moves on the children, we began to muse if we needed to let her know that Jesus would forgive her if she ever had to hurt another human to protect herself.

Buster’s response was, “Grandma’s Jesus Reward Card is so full that she could hit a whole bunch of people and still be fine.”

She might have him in a neck pinch here.
The children fight back. Jesus will forgive them.