Sweet Buster

Sweet Buster

Buster and I had time to connect at bedtime yesterday. He had some tough spots in the day, and it takes time to process the feeling, then to decide if he’s ready to share them, then to decide if he’s ready to talk to the person with whom the difficulties happened.

We worked our way through the big emotions, then as he was explaining some differences between him and another family member, he said, “(This person) is happy with just a few items of this sort while I’m over here, bored on an existential level.

Even in a family as connected and loving as ours, we each have distinct needs, preferences, and goals. Trying to balance what you need with loving respect and support for other family members can be a weedy path to meander.

With his kind spirit and sensitive soul, Buster found his way to a place of peace.

I was also grateful for our family covenant with its first supposition of “Assume good intent.”

Trusting that the other members of your family would not intentionally hurt you is such a solid base to be able to start from.

I’m so grateful for the emotional processing we are all able to do together. These children have taught me so much.

Zooming into adulthood.