St. Stephen's and Kindermusic

St. Stephen's and Kindermusic

With our tickets from the concert, we were able to purchase discounted tickets to the Haus Der Music museum. We decided to start with St. Stephen’s then head to the museum.

This is the pupper that led us into discussion with the woman who had also attended IES which enabled Buds to find the real front door.

Turns out every day we’ve been walking by Schubert’s house:

St. Stephen’s impressed.

They were doing repairs on St Stephens, and it was interesting to watch the workers strapping two boards at a time to be hoisted up, up, up through a hole in the glorious ceiling. It had to be hellish hot for the folks up there.

After St Stephens, we made our way over to the correct street where Buddie’s classes happened:

Then on to the Haus Der Music.

The museum was really well done. Plus it was air conditioned.

We all found things we enjoyed or a quiet place to relax:

Buster and Yessa both successfully conducted the Vienna Symphony, which is no small accomplishment.

After a few hours here, we were ready for some food and then to head back home.

We’ve been loving doner kebap restaurants.

I tried to take a fun family photo, with a wink and a nod to Jenny and Brendan (and The Beatles).

Purple shirt man will need to be cropped.

Then home.

An ending to another great day: