Opera, Ballet, Strings, Oh My!

Opera, Ballet, Strings, Oh My!

When Buds and I walked by Saint Stephen’s yesterday, we were approached by a young man who was very willing to get us tickets to a concert.

In that way married couples have, we communicated wordlessly to each other that, “Yes, we were interested, and, yes, Ginnie, you should continue asking questions and bargaining on price.”

We finally reached agreement on seating price and which concert would work well for our group.

We passed over our credit card, got our tickets and headed off.

The concert location: Haus Der Music was down by where Buddie took classes, so we popped in just to ensure we hadn’t gotten taken for a ride.

They were legit, so we went back to feeling brilliant that we found a concert on Monkey’s birthday.

Yessa and Buddie’s mom made a beautiful dinner for the folks at home:

So when we got home from Monkey’s birthday dinner we visited for a bit then headed out.

Buds was a little tired because he was on his way to 30,000 steps and he had a beer at dinner.

We all loaded on the subway together for the quick ride to Saint Stephen’s station.

Mom’s face when Monkey told her to turn around and look up was priceless.

I had a little time at the station to cajole a picture out of my crew:

These three…

The location of the concert was little, not the concert hall I had envisioned, but I figured if it was a total bust it would be a great family story someday.

But our seats were close and once the performance began it was lovely.

Each of us had parts we liked best, and there was something for everyone.

It was a great way to dip a toe into Viennese music culture.

After the concert we made our way home on the metro once more and enjoyed the time in the cooling air.