Sixteen Years With A Monkey

Sixteen Years With A Monkey

That first pregnancy, that first baby, that first child, it changes everything.

As our first begins her 17th year, I’m so thankful for the person she has always been, the person she is, and the person she’s becoming.

Before the trip, her birthday request was very simple. “Please don’t make me travel on my birthday.” (Previous international trips taught her to make that request.)

We got that right, so yesterday we asked her what she specifically wanted her birthday to look like.

She wanted quiet alone time to work.

She wanted to go out to dinner with Buds and me.

The rest she was open.

It worked out beautifully because when Buds and I were out on our walk down memory lane, we picked up tickets to a delightful sounding concert for our whole group of eight.

Buds slacked Monkey to make sure she was good with that, and it was a thumbs up.

More of the concert in a separate post.

For dinner she knew she wanted somewhere delicious and French fries. Buds found an Irish pub right by our apartment.

After dinner we meandered to the grocery store to buy ice cream items to eat after the concert in celebration of her.

We laughed and planned and told stories. It was a beautiful chance to connect with this young person who made us parents. And I reflected on how blessed we are that going out to eat with us was on her list of preferred choices.

Love you always, Red.