Vienna, Here We Come

Vienna, Here We Come

A quick trip to the grocery store, final packing, a quick return to lock the window I left open, and we’re off.

Apartment returned to normal, packed and fed.

We took an S-BAHN to the train station then the TXL bus to Tegel airport.

On the longish bus ride we had a lovely visit with a white woman about Mom’s age who was visiting Berlin with a group of 11 folks from England. They came for the beer.

And another white woman my age from Finland. She was headed home from her holiday, too. She told us that #45 was just there visiting and her country folk are not big fans either.

Security at the airport was quick and efficient, although Monkey’s crocs set off the metal detector for some inexplicable reason.

Now we wait.


We’re on the plane.

Ginnie is focused

Legroom surprisingly good.