A few small observations as we prepare to leave the Germans for their cousins the Austrians.

Stripped shirts

Deutschers love them. Especially thin stripes. It’s a shame because I left a funny naval looking striped shirt at home and I could have fit right in.

A couple out for a walk. Can’t tell if the baby has a striped shirt on.


Deutschers love them. We’ve seen a lot of sleeves (that’s what a whole arm tattoo is called). The striped shirts and the tattoos make everyone look like there’s Bluto cosplay going on.


I’ve been working really hard to estimate how much less the traffic is here than at home. So hard to tell exactly but it fits into an order of magnitude. 5 to 10 to 20 times less than what we see in the States. Here’s a video.

Bear in mind that it is summer, a relatively quiet time in Europe. Nonetheless, the absence of cars is transforms a city into a relaxing experience.

Berlin has less cars than we saw in Munich and Hamburg.

It’s giving me a lot more time to worry about a stealth Tram taking me out. Sneaky buggers.

Dogs 🐕

Dogs are welcome everywhere, large and small. We’ve seen them leashed on special holders outside of supermarkets. We’ve seen them trotting free-range alongside their owner’s bicycles. We’ve seen them carried in little suitcases.