Rothenberg is Rosy

Rothenberg is Rosy

We had a twenty-minute walk to our hotel from the train station because we are staying inside the medieval city walls, and that was a fantastic decision.

Wandering through the streets of this ancient city, all of us who traveled to Italy three years ago commented on how much this walled city felt like San Gimignano or Lucca. It feels like coming home.

We’re staying at Hotel Eisenhut, which is Eisengard in my brain. Gorgeous, old, and comfy rooms. Scary old elevator. No air conditioning, but a fan that sounds like Buddie snores, so all is well.

The slippery marble bathroom did try to kill me three different ways and again when I showered, but such is the cost of character.

Yessa, Mom, Buds, and I had a delicious dinner at Pan y Vino. Salads, pizza, pasta, radler, and wine, followed by semifreddo and profiteroles.


As we carried back a piping hot pizza for the Buster and the Monkey, we were stopped by a white American woman with a cry of, “Where did you get the pizza?! If I have to eat one more schnitzel…”

Buds gave her great directions and we headed home with our spoils.

After everyone else was settled, Buddie roused himself from slumber to head out and walk around with me. We found a beautiful garden and strolled and talked.

Vertical panorama gone bad.

I’ve got to stay out of these panoramas.