Not Your Mother's Childhood Aldi

Not Your Mother's Childhood Aldi

Yessa and I were the first ones up this morning, and when I mentioned there was an Aldi only .5 mile away, she jumped at the chance to go with me to find breakfast supplies for everyone.

We were as excited by the bread vending machine as we’ve been by many things on this trip:

We saw this gorgeous rainbow necklace on our way back, which I thought Monkey would like to see.

We had a bed picnic to share with everyone while we talked about our day.

After we had a plan, Buds and I headed out to find a place to have hot coffee, then to explore the city walls.

We were able to walk clear around the city, climbing through the guard tower, and seeing the inside of the dark fortress.

Another interesting part of our self-guided wall tour was seeing the underside of clay shingles.

I’d always wondered how the shingles were attached. Now I know.

We walked so far that we came out by the Aldi’s and decided to grab items for lunch for everyone.

Buds got a picture of a gorgeous peony for me.

The afternoon holds the option of a torture museum or a Christmas museum.

Choose your poison.