Tailgate Brewery

Tailgate Brewery

I’m testing writing a post on my phone since I’m not taking a computer to Germany. We’ll see how this goes.

Last weekend we wanted on an adventure with our local peeps before we jetted off, so Lindyne set us all up with a tour at a local brewery.

This brewery is family friendly, and our tribe was the only one on the tour so we could ask all the questions we wanted.

Our fun guide who thanked us for being an interested, interactive group.

It was very cool to see all the equipment, but the rooms were hot, hot, hot, so I managed to hold most of my questions until we were back to the bar for our tasting.

We tried four different beers, and I had high hopes for this place.

Not only do they have a building out back where you can bring your dog, they have big tables where you can play games, AND they make beer that sounds fun!

They did a cereal series (Eddie has tried the fruity pebbles beer.), they had a peanut butter and milk beer for us to try. One of the beers smelled of peaches.

I thought I might finally find a beer I would enjoy.

Suffice it to say they have a lovely hard cider that went well with my dinner.

After we’d had our fill of tasting, we headed over to the restaurant for dinner and a game of Monopoly.

So good to have this beautiful afternoon with these folks. Even if I lost at Monopoly.

It was bright out there.