Germany- Post #1

Germany- Post #1

And so it begins: We’re packed. Buds is home from work. The final chores are being completed. Last load of laundry being folded. Codicils to our wills signed. The excitement begins to mount.

Waffles wants to help pack.
A visit with Teresa, Duke, and Dixie before we head to Monkey’s allergy shot.
Someone had to do some culling of clothing.
He was trying to convince me this jacket still fit.
Some garden produce had to be picked early.

The final train tickets have been purchased. We’ve got places to stay.

The first leg of the journey is to Virginia for a few days with beloved friends up that way. Kel and Paula very kindly swapped vans with us so our drive north will be in spacious style.

Let’s get this next adventure started!