2018 Haus von Gem Staycation – Day 8 + 9 + Good Bye

2018 Haus von Gem Staycation – Day 8 + 9 + Good Bye

Written a few weeks ago: It’s been over a month since K,P,K,B were here, so who knows what stories I’ll make up with my faulty memory?!

Written just now: And suddenly we’re headed toward two months ago…

Better wrap this up.

This would be their last days: Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The cats were a little stir crazy in our bedroom.

GET UP, Hoooman!

Uncle Z came over for our usual Saturday morning workout. This picture with so many people I love all together makes me so happy.

One of Kel’s brothers and his kids (and a family friend and his son’s baseball coach) were headed through town on their way back to Ohio from a baseball tourney in Florida so we got the treat of joining them for lunch downtown.

Headed downtown for lunch with Kel’s family members in town.
It was dark in the restaurant.

We had lunch, chatted, then headed up to the rooftop to enjoy the view.

After lunch, Buds and I took the triplets and headed home while Kel and Paula explored downtown a little more.

We had a few distractions as we walked back to the car to head home.

Someday they’ll be old enough for the Pedal Tavern.
Of course we had to stop and pet the doggo.

We went on a scavenger hunt to find GooGoo clusters so the girls could try this Nashville-made treat. We had to go to three different stores to find them which is surprising since they are MADE RIGHT HERE!

Totally worth it.

Then we went to our church to play on the playground.

Saw a wasp so we headed home.

A little more bouncy time.

I always love the pile of our shoes all jumbled together.

That night we had an outdoor movie night.

Gorgeous night to be out.
Getting settled for the movie.

It was a little chilly.
Guess what we watched.

Sunday dawned, our last day together for this time.

Early jumps.

Then church for the skit our RE class put together for the charity they were presenting to the congregation, then to the Spring Festival for an egg hunt and crafting.

Then a family picture:

No one mentioned I was still wearing the dang hat.
Let’s do that again.
A few last games.
A few last bounces.

I only broke down once…okay twice…into snot-nosed sobbing as Kel and Paula were packing up their bedroom and when they were pulling out of the driveway; surely the sign of a splendid visit. We know the next two times we’ll be seeing them, which helps so much.

Back home safe and sound with another brain box full of superb memories together.