Teenage Humans

Teenage Humans

I picked up this book from the library a couple weeks ago, and the teens discovered it last night.

A hilarious conversation ensued where Buster would read parts of it, and he and Monkey would guffaw loudly at this author’s perception of teenagers.

It reminded me, once again, of how outside the box it sometimes feels our lives are. The delight we are finding in these people as they age…I’m continually grateful.

Buds and Eddie had a Virtue Ethics class with just Buster and Monkey at church on Sunday and Buds was so proud and humbled by the ability of Monkey to philosophize with these two adults she feels safe with.

The sheer amount of time we all get together means the luxury of intense connection and discussion. I don’t remember anyone telling me about that as a benefit of homeschooling, but it is the one I am often most thankful for.

Waffles also enjoyed the discussion.

And the takeaway from the book discussion from Monkey, “Treat teens like humans, with the same respect we all give each other. It’s not hard.”

Seems pretty clear.