The End of An Era

The End of An Era

First the births ended.

Then the nursing.

The diapers disappeared next.

Car seats and brushing teeth and wiping bums.

Co-sleeping, carrying them on a hip or in a backpack.

All these milestones have come and gone, and yesterday another one passed us by.

Yessa, the youngest, lost her final baby tooth.

I have loved every single stage of this journey, and the older they get, the more I love the people they are. Much like with Buds, I don’t know how I can love them more, then the next day they do something else loving and amazing that awes me.

I’m not sure there are many physical milestones like these left. One of the three has grown taller than me. That may or may not be the only one to do that. All the females in the house can share clothes. I consider that a blessing for the fashion-challenged individual that I am.

Monkey reminds me that someday they will all be drivers. Someday they will all (probably) move out. Someday I won’t be with them everyday.

Onward to the next adventures.