Two Things I Didn't Know

Two Things I Didn't Know

Being a parent has taught me a lot.

Two things I’ll share with you right now, because it’s late, and I’m blasting out a gazillion blog posts and having a great time doing it.

Also, there may have been wine.

1) It feels very different to say to your child, “Sex is great.” than it does to say it to your best friend; but it’s an important part of larger conversations in both cases.

Also, there was less giggling in one of the conversations.

Oh, wait.

That’s not true.

2) No one told me that swords would just magically appear everywhere.

Why do they, you might ask?

Don’t know.

Battles, I suppose.

There when you need it.
There when you need it.

So grateful to be on this journey. Still so much to learn.