Jake Becomes An Earl

Jake Becomes An Earl

It finally happened: Jake was adopted.

The children and I have been away, so it was up to Buds to do the final handoff as Jake went to his new family last weekend.

They have two goldies, they were missing having a cat, and Jake’s description appealed to them.

Their dogs are named Emma and Ella, so Jake has become “Earl.”

Jake/Earl’s new matriarch and I have been emailing photos back and forth, and she has kept us updated on the progress of familial relations. Emma, Ella, and Jake/Earl can now be in the same room together with no freak-outs.

And he loves sleeping on their guest bedroom bed.


We’re so glad Jake found us and we got to be part of his young life.

Buddie’s parents got to meet Jake when they visited last week, and Poppi captured this splendid photo of the Jake.

Such a sweet face.
Such a sweet face.

May you always have a warm, loving lap and a spot of sunlight to recharge in, dear Jake.