Buds planned two surprises for the kids and me while we were away.

The first was a new fire ring! We broke it in with s’mores and friends last night.




The other fantastic surprise was a rower! We’ve been talking about getting a rower for years, and Buds bought it and put it together as a pat on the back for the months of work I’ve put into helping choose the new minister for our congregation. We look to be headed toward success on that project, and our family life will settle down a little bit.

IMG_20150406_163953053_HDR (1)

Isn’t it so beautiful?

After he showed it to me the first time, we were walking upstairs from the basement and I said, “Now I know you’ll never leave me.”

“Because we’d have to decide who got custody of the rower?” he responded.

Yup, we belong together.