Hilarious Yessa Insight

Hilarious Yessa Insight

Yesterday I had a long visit with our Ministerial Candidate, Rev. Carmen.

When I got off the phone, Yessa, our 8 y.o. asked who I had been talking with.

“Rev. Carmen, our new minister.”

“Oh. This one, do we get to keep her?”

It took me a minute, then I realized she was talking about Rev. Rachel’s Interim status. Rachel, our current Minister, was our Interim Minister, meaning she could only be with us for 2 years, and that has been known from the very beginning.

“Yes,” I replied. “Rev. Carmen will stay with us as long as she wants and as long as we want.”

“So, Reverend Rachel, she was sort of like Hamlet. We kept her until she found a new home.”

Hamlet was the cat we fostered for a couple months until his “furever” home was found.

“Yes, just like Hamlet,” I replied.

I love how kids’ brains work.

She's so smooth.
She’s so smooth.