Kids say the darndest things...

Kids say the darndest things...

If you quickly tire of hearing/reading about other parents and their stories of the funny things their children say, pass this post by. This is one Buds and I will read in 20 years and it will bring us a laugh and smile.

The Buster had two gems lately.

He played his first round of mini-golf ever on a little course at Bromley Adventure Park while we were on vacation in Vermont. Buds, Poppi, and Buster played a round while the big girl cousins, Nonni, and I had one last run on the the alpine slide.

When we got back to the gentlemen, The Buster was very excited to show me other sections of the mini-golf course he had found to be beautiful or interesting. He was particularly pleased with a hidden waterfall and footbridge, tucked away in the back. As we were walking down from the tiny sanctuary he said, “Many of the water features are designed as hazards, Mom, but this one is just aesthetically pleasing.”

Yup…it is.

On another day on vacation, The Buster gave me an intense stare and the following question:

“Mom, if you could only pick one thing in the whole universe to keep, what would it be?”

“What do you mean ‘one thing’? Do you mean only one person or only one physical object?”

“One thing, only.” he said firmly.

“So, I have to pick between you kids or Dad?!”


I thought fiercely for a minute.

“I can’t do it. I refuse to do it. I just can’t. What would you do?”

The twinkly look he gave me was priceless.

“I’d pick a device that gave me more picks.”

Sweet, wonderful, magical logic.