Sully Plantation

Sully Plantation

Thanks to my PT appointment that took up the majority of the morning, which made going to Noa’s chosen museum in Maryland out of the question for today, and the Farm Museum being closed on Mondays, we went with an alternate plan: Sully Plantation. We drive past here on our way home from Massadoah, and I finally mentally registered the name so we could check it out.

It was a beautiful, overcast day, and perfect for walking around on the grounds, and touring the house. There were only 4 other people in our tour group, so the children had the time to ask lots of questions.

Insight of the day: The guide showed us a deck of cards from the time period, and they only had pictures, no numbers or words since not everyone could read. Zoe’s comment was, “I believe ‘jacks’ used to be called ‘knaves,’ but when they began writing the letters on cards, they had to be changed to ‘jacks’ since ‘kings’ were using the ‘k.'” Huh?! Who knew.

Our day in pictures:

Noa trying out the…we aren’t sure what…
Zachary peeled some bark off a log and they were fascinated by the white, creepy crawlies underneath.

We peered into a small building with a fire pit in the center, and we were all stumped, until The Buster pipes up with, “I think it’s a smokehouse.” Well, once you know what it is, it’s obvious what it is. I was impressed.

The Smokehouse
The first irises of the season that we have seen.
Snuggle shot
There was an interesting and fun quiz for the children to take while we waited for the tour to begin.
Zoe had the chance to play the pianoforte. It needs to be played regularly to keep it in good condition.
The Lee Family, builders of the home, had a pet white squirrel, and had a squirrel on their family crest.
The Buster on the main stairwell
The supplies in the school room that the children could play with: slates, McGuffey’s Readers, and rhyming word spinners.

A map from the time period. Virginia and West Virginia were still one state. Iowa and Kansas were still territories, and Iowa was HUGE!
The Main House

Today was the first time…ever…that we have gone on a field trip adventure without a snack bag. That’s a huge change.

In addition, at one point on the tour, Yessa turned to me and said, “I thought I wouldn’t like this, Mama, but I guess I sort of do.”

I consider that a ringing endorsement.