Monkey Makes Dinner

Monkey Makes Dinner

Last week, Monkey decided she wanted to make dinner.

Not only did she do a fantastic job, it was great fun to see her starting to think about playing a new role in the family.

Plus she is a great cook! She wanted to share some of the leftovers with the neighbors, and they were very impressed, too!

Not too sure about the look on her face here. She looks like Professor McGonagall to me.

Please note in the above picture that she is making bread crumbs for her meatloaf by tearing the bread into miniscule pieces. This is when I knew she was going to be a natural chef, like her father. This made me very happy.

By way of contrast, when I mentioned to her that if I had been making the bread crumbs, I would have just cut up the bread into big chunks with a big knife. She looked at me like I was suggesting putting cut up worms in the meatloaf.

“That’s not how you make bread crumbs!”

As is always the case, Buds stands ready to help with cooking.

She chose mini meatloaf as her dish for any takers, and she made angel hair pasta for anyone who wasn’t interested in mini meatloafs.

A win win all around.