A Factory of Wishes

A Factory of Wishes

Two beloved friends, Kate and Betty, have the kindness to be Yessa’s age, but to be just enough taller than her that they can pass clothes down to her. Buds brought home three big containers of clothes that Mom Kelly dropped off at Juice this afternoon.

Buds said, “Noa, I have a surprise for you.”

She came tooling down the stairs, saw the boxes, and squealed, “Is all this for me?!”

She immediately explained that she would need to begin unpacking and examining all the clothes at once, to which we readily agreed.

As I made dinner, she kept popping out into the kitchen, holding up another new item, declaring it beautiful, and perfect for…Christmas, summer, winter…”oh, my gosh, how many swimsuits did they give me?!”

She was practically spinning in delight at all these new treasures, and finally she turned to me and said the following:

“Mama, I wished for these clothes, and I got all my wishes. In fact, I got a factory of wishes!”

Jeesh, I love this kid!

Thanks, Kate and Betty!