Museum Monday on A Tuesday

Museum Monday on A Tuesday

The museum of our choice for this week was closed on Monday, so we hooked friends Liz, Sam, and Olivia into a Tuesday adventure with us.

It was The Buster’s week to pick, and he chose the Loudoun Heritage Museum, which we have visited many times, but never tire of.

This is a really quite simple museum, and the children absolutely adore it. Between the dress up clothes, the play food, country store, and Little House On The Prairie kitchen, they spend the whole time in an incredible make believe world.

I’ve been having difficulty posting videos, but for future reference, I have a wonderful video of Zoe sharing the story of she and her “twin” brother, who have been orphaned, and were given a job working as servants in return for a little place to sleep and a little food to eat. The whole story is shared in an outstanding cockney accent. It is a treat to watch.

Great time had by all.

Such a great time in fact, this was the scene on the drive home:

One sleeping child visible. One sleeping child inside the box. One child asleep in the back seat.
Out of the box.