A Delicious Wacky Wednesday

A Delicious Wacky Wednesday

I had plans for blowing up balloons, in many senses of the word, and making super balls, but Monkey had plans of her own.

Her plan was much more delicious.

After a trip to Michaels, we had all the supplies we needed for BOTH balloon blowing:

The ingredients for my experiments for Wacky Wednesday.
Monkey’s ingredients for Wacky Wednesday. Guess which set of ingredients was met with more enthusiasm?
Duh, Mom, Chocolate!
The end goal
Let the molding begin.
Everyone has a turn.

While we waited for the molded chocolates to harden, we turned our eyes toward making mini-volcanoes in a bottle to see if the emitted gas would blow up a balloon.

Here we go.
We couldn’t produce enough gas to expand the balloons beyond this point.
Looks like a happy little hat for the bottle.
Monkey prepares to stab her balloon.

For future reference, we undoubtedly lost some of our gas during the transition time of dumping in the vinegar and me putting on the balloon cap. Next time we can fill the balloon with the vinegar, or the baking soda, then dump it into the bottle after it is attached. Pre-stretching the balloon may also help.

Fun, regardless.

The next experiment, making a Super Ball, only Yessa and I indulged in. We mixed borox, water, corn starch, and food coloring. It was an icky, sticky mess for a long time, then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

Readying the supplies.
The beautiful, squishy, pink ball

For future self-reference, I have a wonderful video of Yessa talking about the Super Ball experiment. We’ll have to watch it in iphoto because I have not been able to get it to upload anywhere online.

Overall, fun sets of experiments, and I’m sure that chocolate mold will keep on popping up for good times.