We had our first meeting of the year for our Mother/Daughter Book Club, and it was wonderful.

The first book was Savvy by Ingrid Law.

The Beaumont Family is gifted in a unique way. When a member turns 13, s/he comes into their savvy. The special gift that changes everything. But a savvy doesn’t always feel like a gift at first, especially if it is tough to control.

One of the great parts of the evening was the girls talking about the savvy they would want for themselves.

*Speaking any language- human and otherwise
*Changing your skin color at will
*Changing your last name changes your power-Angelwing or Dustbringer
*Being able to make anyone feel loved.

I love this idea of finding your savvy: the special talent you have to share with the world.

This book, and it’s sequel, Scumble, were both wonderful. I can’t wait to read the third one when it comes out.

The Whole Gang