Wow! That was a fiasco...

Wow!  That was a fiasco...

We are in the midst of our New Hampshire Adventure with our beloved Chandlers, and a fantastic time is being had by all.

It wasn’t confirmed that it was going to be a fantastic time on our first day, though.

We left home at 5:20 on Saturday morning, and started the long drive to New Hampshire. Everyone did well on the drive, and we arrived in North Conway around 4’ish. I had snagged the address from the sample contract Gina sent around to us to review many months ago. Buds led us over hill and dale to 44 Nina Court.

We’d been expecting a yellow farmhouse. 44 Nina Court was not a yellow farmhouse. In my ever positive, hopeful perspective of the world, I thought maybe they had painted…and totally remodeled the house. So, we quickly realized this was not the right house.

We attempted to call Todd and Gina, but cell phone reception was spotty, so Buds tried to pull up information from our New Hampshire Adventure document to see if it had the address. He found a cell number for the owners, and we tried to call that, to no avail.

Then I got the brilliant idea of texting Gina and Todd. I tried Gina first…nothing.

Then, I sent Todd this series of texts:

“You there?”

“What’s the address?”

“We are lost.”

“Wrong house.”

Todd responded with: “Who is this?”

Which, if you know Todd, is exactly what he would say.

I reply with:

“Doesn’t matter who it is.”

“Just tell me your address.”

“Drone strike forthcoming.”

“Pretty please.”

Then, comprehension begins to dawn, and I ask my final text question:

“This is Todd, right?”

Well, as you can guess…it wasn’t Todd.

One of my funniest moments, but potentially traumatic for the person on the other end.

I did call the number and talk to the man, telling him how sorry I was once I realized it was a wrong number.

Still makes me laugh.