Gemignani Week

Gemignani Week

We spent a week with the Gems side of the family a couple weeks ago. Some of the family spent a couple days in DC, then we headed out to Massadoah for some tubing, games, fireworks, a slide show to celebrate Mary’s amazing career as an educator, and hours and hours of cousin playtime.

We toured Shenandoah Caverns and some crazy Americana at America On Parade, as well as the Route 11 potato chip factory.

Two of my favorite moments from the week, out of many wonderful moments:

1) Getting to take care of Olivia while Liz and Tony went for a float. Zoe had designated herself Aunt Liz’s personal tube driver, so they had lots of time to visit, and I loved having time to really get to know Olivia. The time went too quickly, and I have a much better feel for the amazing, funny, sweet spriteling she is.

2) When I asked Miles to pass me something, and he said in his sweet little boy voice, “Here you go, Chrisjennie.” I LOVED that.

Some assorted pics from the week.

Zoe presented an impromptu magic show.
Miles is happy with his popsicle.
All ages played so beautifully.
Playdough is always fun.
Uncle Scott taught the big kids how to play Magic: The Gathering, and they LOVED it! As did Uncle Scott.
Many s'mores were eaten.
I'm sure the kids are asking Scott if he's ready to play Magic.
I love this laughing picture of the brothers.
Shenadoah Caverns were beautiful.
The colored lights added to the magic.
Much football tossing was done.
We do have a bunch of kids between the lot of us.
I love seeing a big group in the Massadoah kitchen.
The whole clan