For a couple days this week, Zoe spent her late evenings and afternoons reading back over the blog. I could hear her cackling her way through post after post. Sometimes she would call her siblings over to show them a picture or read them a story. It made me feel so good, and so motivated to stay up to date with this.

She has a much better memory than I do, which is to be expected, but it’s so nice for all of us to have these shared memory points to reflect upon.

This experience has also inspired me to get more of the stories down about the children’s infant years. They love to hear about when they were little bitty, and not just about themselves, but about what our lives were like then. I love that Yessa has stories about my dad, even though she never met him, but she has Grandpa memories, too, thanks to the stories all of us have shared with her.

So thankful…

I love this picture of Monkey laughing. She would have been right around 2 y.o. in this picture.