Our First Massadoah Work Day

Our First Massadoah Work Day

Took me a very long time to get this post written, but here we go:

November brought our first opportunity to be out in The Valley with many other partners for a Massadoah Work Weekend.  We drove out on Friday night, and stayed until Sunday, and had a fantastic time.  Everyone was so loving and kind to our children, and the children were loving and kind right back.

Zoe donated her tattoo talent to anyone who was interested, and thanks to her many sheets of sample drawings, there was a tattoo for every taste and style.

I was also intrigued and impressed to see how much work the children were willing to do/interested in.  They raked leaves, helped cut and stack firewood, swept, washed windows, sucked up bugs, and had a great time playing out doors.

As is often the case, pictures speak more eloquently than I.

Suffice it to say, the children had a great time, and felt very included and involved, as did all the adults who were there.