Noa has a badly squashed toe from an incident 9 days ago.  She’s going to lose the nail, and it took her a couple days to be able to walk, but she is well on her way to healing.
Still, pretty traumatic for all of us.
Two days ago, the children and I popped down to CrossFit to pick up a t-shirt for Buds to take on a business trip with him.  It’s a XFIt thing.  You go work out in a different box, you bring a shirt from your box to share.
As we were leaving, we saw a fellow CrossFitter and his daughter.  We stopped to visit for a minute, then headed home.  This fellow has a bionic leg.  I don’t know the story behind the injury.  It looks like a below the knee amputation, and it looks a lot like this:
He’s an amazing guy, and can hang with the best of ’em during a WOD.
Of course, the children had multiple questions about his leg, and I explained as best I could what I guessed had happened, why he might have the special leg, etc.  We talked about his leg for a couple minutes, and then Noa pipes up with, “Wow, his injury is so way worse than mine.”
So glad she has some perspective…