Crossfit Fun

Crossfit Fun

Dearest Gina was here for some days of play and laughter last week, which I’ll post about more extensively later.  Of the many wonderful things she did while she here, listening to me (and Buds) blather on and on about CrossFit was probably the most annoying.  She even went to a WOD with me, which I suspect was even more stressful for her to watch than she let on.  But, being a BFF, she did it.

I digress.  I’ll tell you more about Gina’s wonderfulness later.

Here are two pictures that sum up some things I love about CrossFit.

My first hand tear.  Though I’m choosing to treat it as a badge of honor, it actually shows I wasn’t practicing good hand care.  I hope not to have to learn this lesson again.

High blood pressure has never been a concern for me, but I was tickled to see my heart rate (the bottom number), on a recent BP check.

Buds has seen strong improvement in his BP, which thrills us both!  He’s going for blood work in a couple weeks, so we’ll be very interested to see what that shows after seeing BP progress.  We’ve been paleo for close to 2 months now, if not longer, and are so happy with the results.

I know this blog is supposed to be about the children, but since our lives directly impact theirs, and this blog is all about making memories for the future, I thought I’d like to remember these things to show the grandkids some day.