Bounce On...

Bounce On...

A new Rebounderz opened up close by, and April and I decided to take our crews for an hour of bouncing off the walls.  Rebounderz is an indoor trampoline playground, and it brought much hilarity, only a few injuries, and completely exhausted children.  Oh, and April wrenched her neck, reminding her, once again, that she is not the 12 year old girl who bounced on the trampoline every day, that she once was.  She still looks 12, though.

A few pictures for your enjoyment and our memories.

All the children had to be fitted with helmets, and all of us had to wear the shoes provided by Rebonderz.

Seeing the kids all outfitted for roller derby made it worth the price of admission to April and me.

Despite having them on the opposite feet, Anna loved the shoes, and wanted to take them home.

We rolled with laughter at Sam in the full face helmet and the bink.

Ready for battle!

We were all hot and sweaty post-bouncing.

Off come the shoes.

Another great adventure for our clans.