Spain 2024-The Valencia Apartment

Spain 2024-The Valencia Apartment
Welcome home.

This is easily our favorite apartment so far.

It isn't the newest. It is, in fact, a little beat up.

These stairs have seen some feet.

If you come in at night, you have to race the timed lights to our apartment on the top floor before they click off.

We'll just say this is a design choice to show the ancient walls under the tile. 😉

What it might not have in polish, it makes up for with character!

From the main door you walk directly into the kitchen, but it's all one beautiful, sunny, open space.

You can see Buds in the bedroom loft.

The bathroom is also dated, but water pressure and hot water make for a great shower.

It has a washer and dryer!

Gorgeous art and personality and sunny light and breezes blowing through. It feels private and airy and intimate and we love it.

The refreshing breeze. Notice there are no screens. That's typical here.
The view out the back windows. Laundry and plants and life. 😍😍