Spain 2024-Day 8-Palma de Mallorca

Spain 2024-Day 8-Palma de Mallorca
Let's bike to the beach.

Thanks to Wibo, we had several ideas for places to go see on this day.

But first we started with bikes rented from the hotel for an early morning ride out to the beach.

Lots of joggers, walkers, bikers, and workers out, but generally quiet this early.

Street cleaning is taken seriously here.

I got the idea that I'd like to have my hair braided to see if I want to keep letting it grow. You may have seen the video about that. 🥹 It was fun to have in for a couple days.

She did a fantastic job.

Then we headed out to explore.

We came across a group performing traditional dances.

They were awfully cute, these little ones.

The line to tour the cathedral and the Royal Palace was long, so we opted for wandering outside.

Such an ornate entrance.

The Arabic baths are one of the only historical remnants from this ancient part of Palma's past.

Inside the baths
The beautiful garden spaces

We meandered through the small city streets, making our way to a vegan restaurant tucked away from the old city. It was one of our favorite meals up till then.

Beautiful space, beautiful food
Masala good I asked for the recipe, which they wouldn't give me. 😁

They wouldn't give me the recipe, but the manager did ask who had done my braids because she thought they looked so good. 🎉🎉

Plus, there were dogs there.

After that we wandered our way back to pack and have one last evening bike ride. The taxi picks us up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for our very early flight to Valencia.

If we had all the money, Palma would be in the running for favorite place. Since we don't, it's been a lovely vacation spot for a couple days.