Let The Searching Begin

Let The Searching Begin
Dryer repair?

As the children have grown more and more independent, I have found myself considering diving back into the workforce in a new way. There has always been plenty to keep me busy, and that hasn't changed, but I do find myself wanting to reach out into the world in a capacity I have not had the time nor inclination to do for many years.

Hair product model?

I stopped working at Juice in 2016. My time since then has been filled with volunteering, adventures and learning with the children, and planning for the next trip. (Or the next place to move.) Since the family tells me they plan on living here for a long time to come, I have to search for the next adventure.

I'm updating my resume, talking to friends, thinking about what meaningful work would mean for me. So many loved ones have told me over the years that I will be great at whatever I do, I am able to mostly hold back the imposter syndrome feeling that lurks over the shoulder. I am good with people. I have to find a role that lets me use that talent.

Bike delivery?

The other choice is working somewhere in person or looking for something remote so I can be at home. As much as we love to travel, I would hate to lose the flexibility to bounce off on a trip easily, but the right job could be enough of a lure to save up those PTO days for a journey.

Bra model?

The children and Buds are excited with me for this next.

Stay tuned...