They Did It Their Way...

They Did It Their Way...
Seems like not so long ago.

In preparation for Buds and I being away for 3 weeks, we had a practice run for 5 days where Buds and I did none of the typical chores and errands we normally do. We did do Mocha's early morning walk and breakfast, but the rest of taking care of her, the house, the cats, the groceries, it was all up to the kids. If they asked us for help, we would generally respond with, "We're invisible this week."

On Sunday we had a family meeting to discuss how it all went.

They were FANTASTIC! We had friends over for dinner on Saturday night and the house looked great. They got groceries that worked well for everyone. The dog and the cats were in good shape. They were kind and helpful to each other.

They worked through some wrinkles in the system, most of which will be handled by a spreadsheet and good communication, but the one surprise request was that they would like a chance to use the fire extinguisher to increase their comfort with any need to use that.

A few texts to my fire fighter nephew and my fire fighter CrossFit coach, and we've got a plan for testing out the extinguisher in the backyard this weekend. I'm looking forward to that.

Renee and Victor will be our local standby if the kids need someone here in town. They have trusted adults long-distance they can call for ideas and insights if needed. We will be talking to them anytime they'd like. But most of all, they have each other.

It's going to be an adventure for all of us.