A Really Big Door

A Really Big Door

My whole purpose for this post is to show Buds by the really big door and to show him trying to lift up this solid iron beam.

"That's heavy," he says. 😆

We started the day with a really fun morning at CrossFit. It's been "Bring A Buddy" week so lots of new faces and new friends.

Then we scooped up the big kids and walked over a block to help with a cleanup in preparation for the solar eclipse.

Our family worked with our neighbor, Paul, to clean up the exit ramp off the interstate into our neighborhood. I forgot to take a before picture, but the "after" is spotless.

The city provided a pizza lunch and free T-shirts. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and it felt good to do good.

Us and the garbage.

Then, Buds and I headed out on an adventure to discover the architectural salvage store. https://www.rehouseny.com/

It was a magical wonderland for an old house and people who have creative talent and vision. We do think we'll be able to find a replacement door for the travesty of our sawed off sliding door in the front room.

As we left there Buds decided he really needed to see if he could lift this beam.

He could not. 😆😆

Hunger reared its head and we stopped for Mexican food.

Hunter abated, on to the https://theshopsonwestridge.com/, the place my birthday typewriter came from. We enjoyed walking around, although it wasn't as exciting to us as the architectural salvage shop.

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday.