An Unending Task

An Unending Task
Did I read other books while trying to get through this book? Yes, I did. Did I use this book to hold my coffee while I read those other books? Obviously.

I began reading 1491 on January 18, 2024.

Today, April Fool's Day, is the day! I just finished the unending task.

It all began when Buster read the book for a history class.

I finished the other two books months ago. They were NOT an unending task.

Buster shared such fascinating insights and ideas, and he really wanted me to read it so I would have a deeper understanding of what he discovered. Turns out I prefer hearing him explain the fascinating insights to me, but it was good to rev up the part of the brain used for reading dense, textbook-type writing.

Little by little, page by page, I pulled my way through it. Here are a few of the words I had to stop and look up:

  • Confreres
  • Urwelt
  • Refulgent
  • Perfidy
  • Canard
  • Melismatic
  • Ensorcelled
  • Palanquin
  • Suborned
  • Decocted
  • Penury
  • Atlatl
  • Potemkin
  • Rabelaisian

Reading that list felt like an unending task and it wasn't even an exhaustive list.

The author also wrote 1493, which I will not be reading any time soon.

My next book is Airplane Mode. Buds and I are both reading it as our "book club" book to discuss while we're in Spain. Based on his enjoyment of reading it so far, it will not be an unending task to get through.

Thanks for the push to stretch my brain, Buster. It was a good choice, and yes, I did learn a lot.