The Cats Knead Her To Come Home

The Cats Knead Her To Come Home
Making air biscuits.

Yessa is the main cat person in the house. We all love them, but they eat and generally sleep in her room, get most of their comfort from her, and definitely get her individual attention most frequently.

I thought Yessa's sleeve was Waffles. 😆😆
A young MoonStar
An older MoonStar.
Waffles on his roost.

With Yessa in Italy, we've been trying to step up.

Waffles nestled on Buster's shoulder.
Waffles snuggled on the couch.
She's not a fan of Buddie. 😁

I've tried to sit in Yessa's room frequently to comfort MoonStar. Moonie doesn't leave her bedroom unless it's to follow Yessa around, so Mohammed must come to the mountain.

This has not happened in years!

We've all missed her, but I think the cats are going to twist themselves into knots when they see her. Or ignore her? Who can tell with cats. 🥴