My Autobiography

My Autobiography

Since I finally got all our tax documentation turned over to the CPA this week, I am rewarding myself by writing up this blog post I have been wanting to do for quite awhile. As you will see, it deserves loving time and focus.

Buddie's mom will often bring over a treasure she has unearthed in sorting and organizing at the home Buds grew up in. Last year she brought us these two projects from when Buds was in 1st grade and then in 4th grade.

1st grade cover
Look at this cutie. This is right at the end of 1st grade.

We did have some hearty laughs as we read through Buddie's writing.

That darn Chris Cram, thinking he's the fastest?!

We discovered Buddie's humor has stayed at largely the same level.

"What lives on the botom[sic] of the sea and never comes up?

And this classic:

"I have a riddle for you. It is- What is purple and
swims in the sea?

A purple fish!

He was creating some real bangers back then.

This first book was from June, 1978, right at the end of 1st grade for Buds. He skipped 2nd grade, which means his next autobiography comes in late 1979 when he was in 4th grade. We were very impressed by the beautiful handwriting and the maturity in his writing. No more slamming that Chris Cram.

I tried to pick just a few pages to share, but so many of them give such insight into this sweet boy's brain I want to be able to find them easily to look back at.

His life in 5 entries.
Sally the dog always gets love in the family lore.
Sally in Vermont.

I had to ask Buds if there were buses called, "Brown, Masterson, and Parker," but it turns out those are family names of kids who rode the bus to school.

A really well done picture, almost to scale. You can see Little Buds had a short walk to "scool."

My second favorite of all the posts.

Vacuum is still his job! And his side of the room is usually dirty! Most of all, reading is still a favorite thing.

The best post of all.

"I'm going to give John a big pack of gum."

John is his dad.


When I asked Buds about this, he stated, "I was just a small, formal little boy."

That small, formal little boy is now an older, less-formal man, and he still thinks reading is the best thing to do.

The 2 younger brothers mentioned in an un-pictured journal entry.
Passing on the love of reading.

Thanks for the gifts, Mary. Feel free to keep sharing the memories.