Our State Fair Is A Greater State Fair...With Friends- Part 2

Our State Fair Is A Greater State Fair...With Friends- Part 2
Iowa likes to show off.

The pets have seldom gotten as much attention, and they savored it.

Babs was continuing to heal and loved having all the support and kindness around her all the time.

Paula did a huge cooking session to fill up the freezer to make tasty things for Mom to eat, as well as making it so I wouldn't have to cook so often. Huge gratitude for that!


The original plan was for me to have an outing to the fair with the crowd while Buds stayed home to hang out with Babs and work. But when we got up to the fairgrounds, it was busier than I had ever seen it, so we decided to punt on that plan and take the tour of my childhood instead. (Bless these loved ones who let me drive them all over Jasper and Polk counties and walk up and down memory lane.)

We headed to Colfax first. A little lunch at Georgio's, because of course we did.

We walked around downtown, which I haven't done in decades! So many cute shops and antique stores now.

The Presbyterian Church where I went to preschool. (It's a private home now.)
The antique store housed under the "Cross Building" had a fantastic surprise waiting for me!
This is a record set my grandma Frosty owned.

I have looked for this record set for decades. When I searched online, it was always too expensive. But here it was, waiting for me in Colfax, Iowa, in a big stack of records...for $1.00!!

I told the store owner I would gladly pay much more, but he said he had purchased a record collection from an estate to get the two records he wanted and so selling off the rest was bonus. As you can imagine, I was thrilled!

My first exposure to uranium glass.
One of the antique stores had an old yearbook, and many of these folks were still there a decade later in my day. They got my brother, they got me, and they got several of my nieces and nephew. Lucky souls. ❤️
Notice the C-M sweatshirt on Bets' lap. I love that she bought that.
We saw the new stadium, which blew my mind!
The house my parents lived in when Buds and I met.
The big yellow house where Buster and Yessa were born.

The next day, Bets and I decided to hang out at home while the rest of the mobile people headed to the fair again.

While Betty and I had a morning of whatever we did, the state fair crowd walked all over the grounds and saw artwork and doll houses, and even made a gift for Bets.

Later in the day, Buds headed back to Babs-sit, and Bets and I boarded the tram to find our people.

We did stop to see the chickens on our way down the hill.

My dad and I always met up by the "Pepsi clock," and we continued the tradition...

This afternoon at the fair held rides and games of chance, root beer, and a ride on "Ye Old Mill," the most boring ride at the fair, but...TRADITION!

Will you be our triplet?
Icy cold root beer at the fair. Yum.
Ready to fly.
Getting ready to ride. Not sure why they were having a slap fight.

Kel and Paula were also on the phone trying to get their flight home sorted out since the airline had messed them up once!

Moms...we multi-task.

Once the trips were ride and gamed-out, we caught the tram and headed home.

Babs had requested a blizzard from Dairy Queen, so we stopped for that, then home to tell her of the day's adventures.

We wrapped up the night with "State Fair" and a gorgeous double rainbow.

We couldn't let Kel miss it! You don't need clothes to marvel at the rainbow.