Weekend Update

Weekend Update
Book Party!

In addition to the visit to the library with the family this weekend, Buds and I headed out for dinner and a comedian with friends.

Waiting for our dinner dates.

We'd never heard of Kyle Kinane before, but Renee and Victor love him, so we trusted we would, too. The MC and the warmup comedian were cringey and awkward, so when Kyle walked on stage we were ready to laugh, and laugh we did. He's a left-leaning, self-deprecating 47 y.o. white guy who had us all giving great guffaws. He curses and there are sex, drug, and body part jokes, so not for all tastes, but it hit the spot for us.

Then, in a cascade of events I don't understand; Monkey's big computer went south, Buds did some tech magic, and now we have the VR set back up in the front room. I don't know how it works, but Buddie has a plan, and everyone seems happy with how things are working out, so here we are.

Pondering the options.
It's good to be back.

Then on Sunday, Buds, Buster, and I went to see "Godzilla Minus One." It was in Japanese with subtitles.We all gave it a thumbs up, and it was not as emotionally destructive as I feared it would be, so a good time all around.

Might look like we are at a board meeting, but it is actually our favorite theater.
It was a cold, sloggy walk home, but we chatted and laughed and all was well.

Then last night ended with a book reading party at our bedtime.

I promise Monkey still does live in our house. She just didn't happen to be in any in any of these shots.

Another in a long line of lovely weekends.