Sharing Your Passion

Sharing Your Passion
Pretty pleased with himself finding us such a great place to eat.

On January 11, Buds and I went to a session about housing for Autistic adults. We don't have any specific plans around this issue, but it was a good way to see what sorts of services the local Autism Up group offers, as well as seeing the space where Monkey would be taking a class this semester. It was an interesting discussion, and I made a new friend, so it was well worth the time. It was also a couple hours long, and by the last half, we were both hungry and decided finding somewhere to have some dinner would be a great wrap to the day.

It was late enough that our options were limited, and Buds landed upon Swillburger, a converted church that is much hipper than anywhere we would normally frequent. Many vegan options, as well as full carnivore choices. As we waited in line to order, a young man popped over to say good bye to the staff behind the food area. He glanced at us with an apologetic look to reassure us he wasn't butting in line. We smiled in understanding and promised him it was totally fine. He had a bag just like this over his shoulder and we asked what he had been up to.

What's in the magic bag?
A drum just like this one!

Little did we expect the onslaught of information that would hurtle our way. This fellow is passionate about the Korean Janggu drum. He pulled the drum out of the bag and gave us an impromptu concert right in the line at Swillburger. Once we got over our surprise and realized the staff was used to it, and his wife wasn't surprised or dismayed, we stood back and enjoyed his passionate explanations and playing.

Here's how a group of the drums sound:

It was beautiful and interesting and lovely. Hearing someone talk about their hobbies and passions offers such insight into who they are.

After our private concert, he and his wife went on their way, we ordered our food, and enjoyed it immensely.

Vegan chocolate shake.

Another night in this city we love.