The Jokes Keep Flying

The Jokes Keep Flying

One of the daily connectors for our family is humor. We all have a pretty similar sense of humor, and we are all "easy laughers." We like to laugh, and we laugh easily and often.

Yessa had several moments on this recent trip to Virginia where she had me crying, and after the third one she said, "You should write a blog post, Mom." So here I am.

Several of the moments were related to her shared stories about her British driving instructor. No, she doesn't actually have a British driving instructor. Yessa's real driving instructor is a very New York football coach, but she watches youtube videos of a British driving instructor. She's watched so many, she now refers to her as, "My British driving instructor..." as in, "My British driving instructor was talking about the overtaking lane..."

"The what lane?"

"The overtaking lane."

"You mean the 'passing' lane?"

"Yes, the overtaking lane."


Later we were on a call with Buds and he was talking again about his unfulfilled desire for an L-shaped couch.

Yessa explained to him that there wasn't room for one in our house, but if he wanted the same feel of an L-shaped couch, he could just move the foot lounge up close to the couch and it would feel the same.

"The what?"

"The foot lounge! You know, the thing you put your feet on!"

Ahh, the ottoman. Got it.

This led to reminiscing about Buster's use of the phrase "pillow sheet" when he couldn't remember "pillowcase."

And finally, Yessa and I took a quick selfie at the beginning of our trip home from Virginia.

I glanced at the photo and said, "Oh my gosh. How do you live with a Mom this cute?!"

She looked at me in silence for a minute and said with a completely flat expression, "Day by day, Mom. I just take it day by day."

She roasts and makes me laugh all at once.