MCC Updates

MCC Updates

What joy it was to be at home and be on driving duty for the 10 days I was there. I type this sitting in a chair in Mom's house in Iowa, so the memories have grown dim, but the feeling of comfort and joy at being there are still strong.

The delight of the drive to and from school; planning, laughing, sometimes silent, as they prepare for their day ahead.

My free gift for joining AARP gets used as a lunch bag for their on campus days. 😍😍

I love picking them up at the end of the day. Their happy chattering; ready to share stories and observations.

The elders
The Younger

And could this young chef be any sweeter? She spent a Friday doing meal prep for a charity event on campus on Saturday. I love her generous heart.

Monkey also noticed that the food pantry on campus needed more food and supplies, so she orchestrated a trip to the grocery store, then we headed to campus to drop off all the items.

I miss being there, but I love that thanks to my absence, Buds is getting the chance to have this time with the kids, and that's a blessing, too. Hearing the stories when they are fresh is such a treat and if I were there, he wouldn't get the chance.

Buster is great about finding me fun photos around campus.

Live. Learn. Breathe.
The view from his window while he waits. ❤️

It's been a good semester.