Satirically Yours

Satirically Yours
Reverse image search this, I dare you

We've just found, Rochester's own satirical blog. It's covering details like the incessant and unstoppable rash of Kia thefts that have blanketed the region.

Heartbreaking: Orphaned 104 Teddy Bear Turns to a Life of Crime, Spotted in Stolen Kia
Greece, NY – The teddy bear that stole our hearts this week is now breaking them after it was discovered the stuffed animal has gone criminal. You may have seen the photos of the teddy bear a local…

Our little street has experienced 100% Kia thefting (2/2).

Back when we lived in Reston, I enjoyed the Here's their tagline, which does a great job conveying the heart of Reston's self-image..

Green space. Conformist architectural nonconformity. Lots of earth tones. The Macaroni Grill (RIP)! Covering the New Town (tm) of Reston (tm) like invasive English Ivy since 2007, a look at what's doing in our favorite plastic fantastic planned community, warts and all.

Strangely, we never found a satirical source in Nashville, which makes no sense. Broadway is self-satire and covid times were wild. Instead, we (along with many others) enjoyed the earnest goodness of, which brought deep weather news with a dose of humanity.

For you Des Moinesesers, it looks like your moment has come and gone.

A spoof of the city of Des Moines' Facebook page.

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