Happy 80th Birthday, Babs!

Happy 80th Birthday, Babs!

With Teresa and Pam’s help, we were able to pull together a video surprise for Mom’s 80th birthday. Lots of family and friends made time to send cards and post videos to help her feel the love on this day to celebrate.

She’s done so much over the years, both as a nurse, and as the loving human she is, to make people feel cared for and valued. We hope she enjoys the feeling of all that love flowing her way on this important day.

Thank you to all of you who helped. We’re grateful.

The full video can be seen below. Watch at the website if the video isn’t appearing for you. And yes, she laughed and cried as she watched it. We used a company called Vidday, and it was fantastic.

Happy Birthday, Babs!!

And point of information. I did not intentionally put my mug front and center. I would have very much preferred it to be someone else, but my tech skills don’t go that far.