The Car-Free Plan

The Car-Free Plan

Ginnie and I want to put our pedals where our mouth is. Ouch, that is an awkward sentence. Specifically, we love biking around town, we love a public facing lifestyle and we love the 13 minute city that is Rochester. Thus, we’re going to try living car-free; for the next two weeks, we’re doing all daily errands by foot or bike.

Huge fans of biking

I believe that cars are boiling the frog, literally and figuratively. Car culture separates us and costs us so much more than we know. Watch this to learn more.

Plans should serve us, rather than we serving the plan, so here are a few exceptions we’re noting in advance. First, Moxie is learning to drive and that means she’ll be driving us around. With luck, we can make sure she doesn’t drive us anywhere productive. Second, Moxie is having a few wisdom teeth out and we shan’t be making her bike there and back.

In the meantime, we’re journaling the experience and will blog a one week and two week update. Stay tuned.